Perfect Shade

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Perfect Shade formed in late 2001, as freshman in highschool. From there they had their minds set on the band and their love for music. All members of Perfect Shade began playing their individual instruments when they started the band. When they somewhat new how to play something on their instruments, they began practicing. After their first practice they began to relize that maybe they could progress with the band.... From this came their first gig at a local shop in Wamego Kansas. As many more practices came on, the band fell in love with their instruments and music, this led to writing their own stuff (mainly about how they felt about their lifes, what goes on in this world, and problems that need to be fixed). With the completion of some of their own originals Perfect Shade began recording, their demo is excpected in August or September of 2004. Be sure to check out Perfect Shade's songs in the future and plan on something new.